Next to usually making thought-through and exquisite selections regarding the DJs they showcase, Boiler Room goes the extra mile to host nights that pay tribute to the rich history of dance music. Their next effort at this, though, will be their best one yet, as BR is hosting a 6 day marathon where they have invited 25 seminal artists from the cradles of house and techno, Chicago and Detroit, to spin records side by side in an epic tour de force. Check out the full line-up below. The ones to definitely watch here are AFricans With Mainframes, Amp Fiddler, the maestro Farley Jackmaster Funk and last but not least Terrence Parker, who the organisation says to have wanted on “their screens since the dawn of Boiler Room”. As have we, that’s why the dates below were penned into our agendas as soon as we saw them.

Day 1 (11/10):

Terrence Parker
Joe Smooth + Sterling Void
Detroit Techno Militia
DJ Heather
Anthony Nicholson
Lester FItzpatrick

Day 2 (11/11):

Africans With Mainframes
Argot Soundsystem
Hakim Murphy

Day 3 (11/14):

Amp Fiddler
Detroit Grand Pubahs
Golf Clap
Ob Ignitt + John F.M. (from Omar S’s FXHE label)
Matthew Hawtin

Day 4 (11/15):

Virgo Four (Live)
Blake Baxter
Farley “Jackmaster” Funk
DJ Minx
DJ Skull

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