As we meet “The Big Cat” at BPM for the Suara showcase in Mexico, he gives the last instructions to the stage manager, “keep the dancers for later when there is more people” he says.

The music just started and people are already showing up. It is no surprise, he gets always a strong following. When you look at what Coyu has accomplished since he started Suara nine years ago. He’s become the most famous DJ in Barcelona, one of the most notorious DJs in Spain, launched the Suara Foundation along with an online and physical store (located in Borne, in the very heart of Barcelona) and still find time to produce massive dancefloor tunes! When seating down with him, he seems very focused and relaxed, no signs of stress of any sort, it is certain though, this BPM showcase means a lot to him. You just have to look at the line up, Coyu, Ellen Alien, Josh Wink, Edu Imbernon and Ramiro Lopez…this is serious business!

“I was a dog person before being a cat person”

When was your first BPM Festival?
It was in 2015, we made a Suara party at Tabu, intimate venue, it was a sold out party we had Jay Lumen, Ramiro Lopez, Sonny Fodera, super nice vibe so after that we realized Suara was quite popular in this area. In 2016 we made another one in a bigger venue at Santanera, it’s a two story venue. There was a a Hotflush records showcase downstairs with Scuba, Alan Fitzpatrick and we had Olivier Giacomotto, Edu, Ramiro and Dosem on the roof top. This year we were very lucky to get a venue like Martina, one of the nicest venues at BPM, bigger than Santanera, so yea we are looking forward for today. Last year I was here two weeks, this year I will be here for ten days. it’s a nice festival because you can party and you can also relax, you have a nice beach with nice weather, it’s a dreamy festival!

What makes BPM so special?
It’s in January, in America and Europe…the weather is bad! People come here, nice weather, nice people, underground parties, house music, techno, no EDM and “shishi stuff”. It’s a great festival, I love it! Especially for the weather and also for the vibe.

Who were the 3 most influential artists of 2016?
It’s difficult to say…for example with Suara Bastian Bux from Barcelona, he released 3 Eps, he’s doing very well and we’re doing some music together. Usually when they ask about that kinda thing, I am here with my laptop and I can look at all the top 10 and charts that I have done last year…

Outside of Suara?
Adam Beyer with Drumcode is doing very well, even if I don’t play 100% of their records, they were doing a great job in 2016. Ok, names I really like are German duo Tuff City Kids, who produced an album on Permanent Vacation, and Skream had a very good year.

If you could go to one gig tonight where would you go?
I don’t have the line up here, so I don’t know who is playing today but Kompakt with Michael Mayer I forgot if it’s tomorrow, but I want to go to that also Culprit, I will go tonight…I would love to go see Laurent Garnier but he’s not here this year, he’s my favorite DJ! So unfortunately not this year but hopefully next time

I believe you have an album coming out?
I’m still working on it…the first single we will release in March or April, the 2nd single we’re going to release in June and the whole album at the end of October, around ADE. I have been working on that album for a long time and I thought now was the right time to release it…I feel like I am very comfortable working in the studio right now after many years of thinking about what should be the name, the motto, now I realize at this point it’s not so important, it’s just music, it’s an album. It’s the first album so we take in consideration the algorithm, sales, distribution, but now I think it will fine. I feel proud of the tracks on the album. I don’t have the pressure anymore. I’m going to release it, if people like it, nice…

What is that thing that most people don’t know about you?
Really a lot of things, people only know me from the socials, they don’t know my music background, what I was listening when I was 15 years old.

I was a dog person before being a cat person, I preferred dogs back in the days because I never had any contacts with cats, no one in my family had a cat, I had a dog at home, my mom owns a dog so when I visit her I see him. When I met my girl friend I fell in love with her cat, but I am a 100% cat person right now

How is the Suara Foundation doing?
Very well, it’s a small foundation, but we are proud about the work we’re doing with the cats. Now we have a proper place in the center of the city in Barcelona, people can see the cats at the foundation and maybe adopt them. It’s nice to have this! In 2 weeks people will be able to come to the foundation, drink a soda or an orange juice and spend some time with a cat, kids or families are welcome of course!

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