Always wanted to bring a convenient camper instead of those disgusting tents to your festival of choice, but were afraid of being socially annihilated when doing so? Worry no more, because here is the first hipster-proof, architecturally-acceptable trailer which actually lets you meet cool people and leave a lasting impression as somebody you’d want to be seen with. 

We all know the scene: it’s been a very, very rainy day at your favourite festival and the terrain has turned into a bleak, muddy hellhole. Of course that’s all well and good while the music’s still playing, but at some point you actually need to drag your weary, drug-infused head to bed for a few hours of well-deserved sleep in that soggy piece of nylon decay you call a tent. The alternative to a tent has long been a taboo for many fashion-conscious festival goers as showing up with a caravan could potentially make you end up looking like this.

de markies 4
The good people behind De Markies might have changed this perception with their new creation. De Markies is a caravan that can be ‘unfolded’ both front and back to create an eye-catching living space that protects you from both rainshowers, gusts of wind, tropical storms, and hurtful comments from other festival goers.

de markies 3

Brenda Dawson (22) is one of the lucky first owners and has stated that her gluten-free tofu dish has never tasted quite as delicious as while eating it in her brand new Markies. Brenda: “Nothing beats enjoying that savory quinoa goodness while observing those poor wet schmucks making their way to their polyester homes-for-a-weekend from the safe shelter of a roof over your head. And have I mentioned the trailer is eco-friendly as well?” Reportedly, the Markies comes with a completely bio-degradable Tetrapak of complementary soy milk and its purchase also adopts you one baby dolphin.

de markies 1

The inside of De Markies is perhaps just as exciting. Check out that sweet 70’s retro-finish with aluminium detail. Main architect Eduard Böhtlingk must have been hooked to ‘That 70’s Show’ in his younger days, judging from the vibrant mix of Avocado Green and Harvest Gold omnipresent in the trailer’s interior. Beards, knots and lumberjack shirts rejoice – the comfortable festival life is finally upon ye. Just remember: don’t take the brown acid.

de markies 2