We all know those elementary school days: “take your parents to school” or “what your parents do” and the likes…

I remember growing up in suburban New York, these days consistent of A LOT of bankers, stock brokers, financial figures, and other professions now responsible for the destruction of human decency, not to mention boring AS FUCK). Perhaps this is why Ukrainian DJ Nastia‘s DJ lesson to her third grade daughter’s class was so refreshing to me. Stay tuned for the multi part video, but Part one is below.

On the lesson, Nastia described this first part as:

Last friday before autumn school holidays have started in Ukraine the teacher of the 3rd class (where my daughter Uli is studiying) has offered to the parents to make last day of lessons about their professions, so she asked me to be one of five teachers. I was not lazy to bring a part of my home studio to the school and talk about DJing. I have explained to the children what is DJing about, who is a DJ, how equipment works and what is the meaning in playing electronic music from vinyls. It was cool to introduce them to the esthetics of wax and give them a try to touch and control my setup. That was so much happy time, emotional and inspiring moments. I will never ever forget this experience and I am very much grateful for our teacher Neonila for an opportunity to talk to the young listeners and maybe dance music lovers or even professional musicians/dj’s in the future. Later on I’ll share another video where you’ll see happy interested kids playing with it as much as they could ?