After the experience that was The Seekers of Light during ADE, The Gardens of Babylon (TGoB) returns to the Westerunie with an early Christmas gift featuring one of its original musical family members.

The dynamic duo of Britta Unders will return, almost a year to the day, for an all night affair, as an intimate gathering of TGoB family and friends. Reflecting on the success of the last year, which began at the venue with YokoO and led to a multi-date virtual takeover of this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, TGoB reflect on those who have aided and been there since the beginning. With a larger International showing set for 2018, the Holiday gifts involve everyone.

This night will be broken down into four stages, each operating within its own part of the complete TGoB experience. Kicking things off will be an intimate musical program featuring TGoB favorite Akasha, for those joining from minute 1. Then, join spiritual collective The Dreaming for the event’s signature mass meditation, as well as a special poetry reading from seminal member Karla Woo. This leads into the opening of the official “XMas Comes Early” aspect, which includes Massage, Vintage Markets, Acts & Performances, Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing, and more to lead travellers through the night and into the year ahead. By 11pm, Britta Unders takes the stage and the rest is yet to be experienced.

gardens-babylon-britta unders

15 December | The Gardens of Babylon: XMas Comes Early | Tickets | WesterUnie

Featured Image: Kaik Photography