We’ve already been accustomed to the fact that during the summer season, Amsterdam is flooded with festivals. The amount of high class artists, good music, happy faces and versatile good vibes is present on the Dutch ground for the course of over three months of summer. Among those festivals, there is one that can treat its visitors to that warm festival vibe like only a few can. We’re talking about Buiten Westen.

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After the boom of 2011/2012, we’ve seen numerous festivals flourish and plunge again, but in the case of Buiten Westen, its organizers, AIR Amsterdam, Next Monday’s Hangover and Pleinvrees, took their festival brand to eccentric statures, where with each passing year they increased their touch onto festival goers’ hearts.

Next Monday’s Hangover philosophy revolves around mystical & hypnotic sounds along with attention to detail concerning the decoration and atmosphere of their events. Established in 2011 and originally founded as a club night, NMH kept the Amsterdam public on their tip toes as their approach on night life mirrored their vision. Themed events such as Garden of Eden, A Brave New World or F*CK NYE tipped the balance into their favour.

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Translated word for word, Buiten Westen essentially signifies the outgoing, spirited and spontaneous vibe and crowd that wouldn’t shake all their problems from their shoulder and like true hedonists seize the day for every second its got. Its The location, the beautiful WesterPark, tasks the festival with freedom to chain together various elements of which they’re strongly influenced. It’s much like a fairy tale where each minuscule detail refers back to what the organizers strongly believe in. The wilderness, the open space, their choice of artists or even carnival rides are taken as an opportunity to project their vision.

Each stage of the festival plays its own musical character in the story that’s being told before us on the 19th of July. The protagonists are Next Monday’s Hangover, Pleinvrees, Paardenkracht, ZeeZout, NGHTDVSN and Cartel Amsterdam. We will soon go deeper into the different hosts, stages and the line-ups they’ve selected. So stay tuned..


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