This Friday W.A.T.M. and Pittug are hosting an event that’s about more than music alone. Because ‘Carte Blanche’ starts out as a dinner, where the visitors get served a selection of haute cuisine meals, only to get loose on the dance floor to the tunes of Amsterdam’s finest and a couple of international tastemakers. Guests can also expect street art, stage performances and more.

At 20:00 the doors to the Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse will open for the 200 guests to enjoy the 4-course meal made by four professional chefs. Guests a range of courses, like ballotine of wild salmon, pumpkin pie with goat cheese roasted sirloin and much more. During dinner guests can watch the ‘Carte Blanche Roast’. After the winin’ and dinin’ the tables will be cleared, et voila: a dance floor appears.

At 23:00 the dancing can begin. The organizers have took care of a nice line-up that will get you through the night without effort. Headlining the party is Ill Phil, child of Birmingham and a veteran in the game with over ten years of extensive experience under his belt. His sound could be described as jacking garage, although that probably doesn’t quite cover it. You’ll have to hear it for yourself.


Next to Ill Phil the upcoming Saso Recyd will be present, known for his ruthless house releases on Rawthentic, Inmotion, Minus12 MKD and, or his recent collaboration with Green Velvet and Jamie Principle, ‘Love Addiction‘.

Amsterdam-based but internationally renowned duo Homework, our resident Prunk, Bram Fidder and DJ/producer duo State Of Art. The music will be accompanied by visual spectacles form the hands of Wouter Smit from PK-8 Studio.

Recyd & Green Velvet feat. Jamie Principle – Love Addiction

Other than music and food there will be other things going on that will attract the attention. How about some acrobatics or a magic show to accompany the DJ sets? You can be sure to find it here. The Amsterdam Street Art Foundation will also have a spot at the event, showcasing what’s new and hot in street art and will grant the possibility of a little face-painting if you’re up for it.


Carte Blanche is founded upon the philosophy of the organizers to make “a statement of freedom, to dance and enjoy life to the fullest with your own personal authority and convention on behalf of your way of living. Expressing your true passion for music, creativity, love and fun times”. From the looks of it we’re sure that this idea will surely be made visible this Friday. Even though we’re perhaps still a bit off the rails from Kingsday, we can’t wait to dive into this special night at Dhoem Dhaam.

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