A picturesque festival with a focus on social responsibility, Castello Festival nestles itself into the Polish Forest for the first time for a 3 day festival over 1 -4 June, 2018.

Limited in capacity to 800 people, a beautifully aged villa will be transformed into garden of electronic delight, welcoming the likes of Frankey & Sandrino, Konstantin Sibold, Mattheis, Nuno Dos Santos, Perel, The Drifter and a slew of artists, spaced out troubadours and eclectic eccentrics. 90 minutes (by bus) from Berlin, Castello Festival will also focus its efforts on a total respect for nature, patron, and space by respecting a few arrangements presented. With a zero tolerance policy for sexism and racism, as well as leave no trash priority, Castello Festival looks to provide a safe and clean environment for all the enjoy the lush surroundings.

Furthermore, no pictures of the villa will be permitted, and all attendees are encouraged to respect the surroundings and treat them as if they were at home. This will be the first Polish edition of the boutique German event, and at its 800 capacity, a bigger version. Attendees are invited to camp via tent outdoors or book a room within the building.

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1 – 4 June | Castello Festival 2018 | Tickets | Debrznica, Poland