The end of March sees the publishing of an exciting new photography book, celebrating the history and legacy off all things Detroit.

Entitled, 313ONELOVE, the 313 page book from Berlin photographer Marie Staggat includes over 170 portraits, interviews, quotes drawings, and “a string of profound stories,” from the likes of Detroit legends Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Mike Huckaby, Robert Hood, Moodymann, Stacey Hale, Luke Hess, as well as Underground Resistance, Cahrivari, and Detroit Techno Militia mainstays.

With a European launch at Tresor, as well as at Detroit’s Museum of Contemprary Art in May, the book looks to document the “tools” of the trade, ears and hands, while also supporting the “children of all ages” project in Detroit with a percentage of its proceeds.

Below you can find some stills from 313ONELOVE, thanks to DJ Broadcast, and be sure to look out for the book at Carhartt WIP stores.

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Source: RA