Not everything that went down in Trouw‘s last night happened on the dancefloor or in the DJ-booth. A juicy clip of Seth Troxler taking care of some business emerged and got us all laughing. So what is all the fuss about?

For the closing weekend of Trouw, the venue was packed with and exciting line up, most of which was revealed only a few hours before the actual party took place and some parts of it even during the action packed 35-or-so hours of the clubs last party. But what was clearly stated beforehand was that there would be no guestlist. For anyone. No matter who you were and where from, you and everybody else shared the same treatment at the door. Wait in line and pay to get in. A policy that we thought that in all it’s democracy was brilliant and exactly what the burial of such an equal venue deserved. But not everyone was willing to respect the policy. So what happens if you call the office of the club asking for guestlist spots when Seth Troxler is at the other end of the phone? Luckily we don’t need to wonder that, since the situation was caught on tape (by Cinnaman, so the rumour goes). Hit play and find out.


It should be noted that the Warehouse Project has stated that they have nothing to do with the incident. So the lesson here is, do your homework, respect club policies and don’t call a club claiming to be someone you’re not. Especially If Seth Anthony Troxler is in the other end of the phone.