Culprit is on to release a new EP from Clarian, a collection of hypnotic synth melodies intertwining with rough electro baselines. Today we are very proud to premiere our favourite pick from the upcoming release – Clarian’s ‘Derail The Reptile Revolution’, a spacey compilation of catchy breakbeats and acidic undertones.

Posing as a patient at a human testing facility on the North Coast, Clarian is an artist that explores all dimensions and visions within the world of music. His sound exudes deep contexts, inducing those listening to his music into a state of almost lucid dreaming.

For a while Clarian has been sought as the rising star producer, who’s work appeared on various labels, from up-beat Hot Creations, to Seth Troxler‘s Indie electronic label ‘Soft Touch‘ and Visionquest, charting on more mellow sounds. Clarian boasts a sound that is so diverse but so consistent.

Its no surprise when few years ago we premiered his beautifully melancholic dub edit of “Dancing Shoes” by Benoit & Sergio, Benoit named Clarian as his favourite artist of the moment:

He is super musical. His voice is tragic and his vocal melodies are especially poignant. And he has a really dreamy sound that is still melancholic without being dark and dreary. We’ve really been trumpeting this anti-dark thing of late—trying in our own stuff, at least, to find melancholy without being gloomy and oppressive. Clarian’s stuff operates in this kind of twilight space that we admire. 

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His newest EP is compromised of 5 tracks that differ significantly in sound but are knotted together by a gauzy cosmic component and acts as the perfect guide through a virtual science-fiction novel, exploring the above and beyond.

“Derail The Reptile Revolution” EP will be available to download on Culprit on November 21st.

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