Algoriddim, a German company specialising in iOS platform mixing software, has recently launched the djay 2 app for the newly available Apple Watch, allowing users to select tracks, sync (obviously), and perform a basic mixing all from the comfort of your own forearm, further hammering the nail into the coffin of the analog turntable.

Specifically, when Apple Watch is synced with an iPhone running the djay 2 iPhone app, users can access their iTunes or Spotify libraries, cue songs, loop and mix, view song information, play/pause, sync with the beat, crossfade, automix, add audio effects (echo, flanger, phaser, gate, reverse) and more.

The djay for Apple Watch announcement was made in tandem with news of djay Pro 1.1 for OS X, which now supports native Pioneer CDJ/XDJ integration that will be useful for the professional market. The other big update is video integration, which includes a number of visualizations, allowing users to fade and create visuals that sync with the music.

In reference to the company’s  popular iPhone app, company CEO Karim Morsy has said, “iPhones are so powerful now that you can basically hook it up to a PA system at a club or a house party and just leave it alone. The processing is done on the phone, but the whole interaction is done purely from your wrist.

Though Algoriddim seems confident djay 2 will ultimately make good use of Apple Watch, it may be worth considering the device is limited at the moment with application performance issues and limitations when it comes to battery life.  As one isn’t supposed to be interacting with the device for very long, DJing all night may take its toll.

Source: Wired