Converse Rubber Tracks recently launched a Live Sampler plug-in together with production software company Ableton, making their samples easily accessible and easily incorporated into Ableton Live. There’s also an additional iPhone app, which does not only mean you can integrate your phone with your sample library, but also that your samples are now available virtually everywhere.

The library has tapped into the musical developments of the last decade, removing the necessity to invest millions of dollars to make proper music. With enough creativity and know-how, everyone can make a quality record from their bedrooms now. Equipment and samples are the least of amateur producer’s worries anno 2015.

The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a royalty-free library of one shots, loops, and stems recorded at the various fixed and pop-up Rubber Tracks studios. Created in partnership with Indaba Music, the library provides a unique resource for musicians all over the world and it doesn’t cost you a penny & they’re all royalty free. You’re free to explore, download, experiment, and create using the samples and are empowered to utilise the resulting works in all the ways you see fit.

During ADE, Converse tried to get to the core of the concept and history of sampling. In a panel discussion between Machinedrum and Midland, the public could enjoy the two studio veterans talking about their specific ways of sampling. At one point, Machinedrum explained: “Sometimes I load a sampler en use a midi-controller to play around with it a bit. Or I import the sound directly into Ableton and do the editing in there.” (Check out Machinedrum’s Rubber Tracks samples here) You can check out what Machinedrum had to say in the interview that was done with the artist after the panel discussion. Check out part two here and part three here.

[vimeo id=”143917255″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Apart from the masterclass in sampling, Machinedrum and Midland also showcased two new tracks that were made using samples from the CRT Library and the new plug-in feature. Check out Midland’s piano-sample deep house track below.

Producers  interested in sampling and the Rubber Tracks Sample Library can check out the website where you’re able to find all the samples that have been recorded and published for the world to share. Together with the new plug-in and app, producer talent or early beginners, now have a tool at their disposal to make create original music in a free and open way, with a huge collection of possible musical building blocks to choose from.

When editing the samples in the sampler, these will automatically be saved onto the sample library, so that your version will also become available for use by other CRTSL users. A nice thought that actually emphasizes the core philosophy of sampling: that, to a certain extent, the creation of music is a shared process that everybody should be able to partake in. For those who don’t make music, just listen there’s also some nice tracks up on the site from the likes of Tom Trago and Beesmunt Soundsystem made using samples from the library.

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