With less than 3 weeks left until the annual bohemian pilgrimage to the Nevada desert that is Burning Man, one San Francsico man has proposed crowdfunding a 300 mile wall around the technology capital with the aim of keeping the returning Bay Area privileged from returning.

By creating Megagogo, an obvious play on Indiegogo, the comedic creative agency Culitivated Wit wants to create a, “funding platform for large-scale infrastructure”. The agency’s co-founder, Brian Janosch explains that the week between August 30 – September 7 is the only time that San Franciscoans don’t have to hear about Burning Man. With that in mind, Janosch explains that, “It was an obvious conclusion…to try to extend that week by building a wall that keeps burners out”.

To clarify all this, the site and the campaign is satirical, which would become obvious at the $7.3 billion proposed pricetag, however it does offer some extra awareness on issues of “self reliance” and “community,” both of which play as the central ethos to Burning Man. The 300-mile wall, which would stretch from Point Reyes to Santa Cruz, would make Burning Man permanent. “If this project is about anything, it’s about bringing people together,” says the Janosch. “Together, to lock other people out.”

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In recent years, as Burning Man has undergone a transformation regarding its place within the festival spectrum, the event is rapidly becoming a destination for the rich and privileged, many of which come from the nearby moneyed haven of San Francisco. The city’s increasingly strained relationship with the event is well documented. Last year, after all the Burners left, Eater SF  published “SF Tables Worth Snagging During the Burning Man Exodus.” In a followup, The New York Times reported that Mission residents swear life gets easier, once the burners, or as they are referred to #entreburneurs skip town.

The wall is a cunning satirisation of the Bay Area’s brand of oblivious yet overly-mindful hippie-capitalism, touching on the city’s ever-lasting battle between the its original middle and lower class residents and the new influx of wealthy tech entrepreneurs. The wall is one solution to these social issues affecting the city. As the campaign notes, with all those Burners gone for good, tolerable residents may finally see some tolerable rents, and that is a good thing!

You can find the campaign on Megagogohere

Source: The Atlantic