After a three-year break, Deeplay Digital is back in business, having relaunched the label this summer. Their first release is the Berechit EP by Dan Marciano. He’s has been a Parisian hero for a while now, having claimed residencies at renowned clubs in the French capital such as the Palace, Les Bains Douches and Queen. But you know there is much more to be conquered by Dan Marciano when you start listening to this latest cut. 

The EP kicks off with the original mix to the title track. It opens with endeavouring pads and delayed percussion, only foreplay to the addictive, dark disco-like bass line that I fell in love with from the moment it dropped. It’s the driving force behind the record and is later accompanied by high-pitched synth stabs, uplifting string parts and muted guitar picking, enlightening the sinister undertone of the composition.

Alec Sonite is also signed at Deeplay and is featured on their album DD01. His version of the record packs a bit more punch and is more fast-paced, featuring breakbeats and intense snare hits. The zappy bass line has more of an electro feel to it and does not carry the same impact as the melody of the original. But it’s a fresh take on Marciano’s mix nonetheless, and very solid production-wise.

Martin Brodin, the label’s boss, treats us to funky disco galore in this second interpretation of Berechit. Where the guitar ends the track in the original, it’s now at the centre of the production, with all the other components hung around it. Smooth synth and piano riddled build-ups led by shaker percussion culminate into a flourishing climax that does not only deserve to be danced to, but gives an impression of what a nightclub sounded like in the age when disco reigned supreme. With Berechit, Deeplay Digital has got a winner on its hands.

The EP is French house at its best: mischievous and funky, but in no way playful. Creating suspense and keeping the listener intrigued. The contributions by Sonite and Brodin result in a varied body of music that will hurl Deeplay right back into the game.

Berechit (Original Mix)

Berechit (Alec Sonite Remix)

Berechit (Martin Brodin Remix)

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