After successfully launching the event also in Ibiza last year, Dancefair is back in Utrecht. For 2015, over 100 of the top professionals will be sharing their knowledge on all things related to DJing and producing music. With names like Joris Voorn, Oliver Koletzki, Ramon Tapia and Cleavage on the list of artists to widen your knowledge, the event is something that no up-and-coming DJ nor producer should miss.

For newcomers and more seasoned veterans alike, navigating the information about DJing and production is time consuming. During the last few years, the innovation speed has grown by what seems like an exponential pace. As far as Youtube tutorials and online courses can take you, taking part in a live educational event is a whole different experience. Anyone who has ever been to a music class can tell you that, but when it comes to electronic music, formal educational events are more seldom.

Dancefair in Utrecht is an great example of an event, where single weekend packs the best of information from DJing, producing and audio engineering under the same roof with new gear. Bringing together some of the most cutting edge artists to share their knowledge on the business of music, Dancefair is a gathering of professionals, present and future. The topics of Dancefair go far beyond DAW’s and kick drums, with a special focus also on marketing and entrepreneurship. Arguably, seeing the bigger picture is benefitial in todays music indutry, with the competition being fierce. And understanding the building blocks that make one a unique talent in the scene is important. Thus, hearing about these aspects during an informative weekend events is an opportunity not to miss. Not to mention the possibility to dabble with the latest gear. Oh, the sweet sweet world of gadgetry…

Some of this years speakers at Dancefair include Oliver Koletzki, who was responsible for the most listened mixtape of DHA in 2014, Tsepo, Prunk, Tim Hoeben, Joris Voorn, Bram Fidder and many others. The massive array of technology brands present at the fair contains Native Instruments, Arturia, Ableton, AIAIAI, Roland and Korg. On top of all this, at least Spinnin’ Records, Cloud9 and Armada will be searching for new talent at the fair. The event has been dubbed as the biggest of it’s kind, so a lot more information on speakers, topics and gear can be found through the Dancefair website.

Dancefair will take place 21-22 of February at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Tickets are out now.

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