Hooking up with Counter Records (under the Ninja Tune umbrella) David August has just released his first solo material in nearly two years.

Last heard on Innervisions with his “Epikur” EP, the new two-tracker, which will release tomorrow, ‘J.B.Y./Ouvert’ sees August back in top form.

Below, anticipating the release, is August’s Soundcloud stream of ‘J.B.Y.’ who’s official press release describes as: “This isn’t house music, this isn’t the clubs, this isn’t the places August has been hitherto. ‘J.B.Y.’ resolves not with an explosive “moment” but with delicately beautiful Erased Tapes-esque piano introspection and the evocation of tape-hiss drenched ambience.”

Check out ‘J.B.Y’ and catch the release on digital 4 March and on vinyl toward the end of May.