David Hasselhoff, the one part epic, one part tragic eighties and nineties television icon, has returned to the spotlight once more. No it’s for his celebrity roast or a reunion episode of Baywatch or Knight Rider, the Hoff is the lead in a new musical revolving around a superstar ibiza DJ dad, which goes under the fresh title “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”. 

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life sees Hoff as an Ibiza DJ under the name of Ross, whose daughter falls in love with a UK DJ, Rik, that he has taken under his wing. His daughter Penny then falls ill after taking a bad XTC pill, for which Rik is blamed. Supporting the storyline is a soundtrack of a Spice Girls song, the Baywatch theme and more random tunes.

Most of the reviews can’t be called positive, with MusicalTheatreReview giving the show two out of five stars, and reported that “most of its characters are out of their brains on ecstasy tablets”. Those in the UK who dare to witness this shambles on stage can buy their tickets here.

Source: Thump