Parisian producer Zimmer has come under fire from social media provocateur Deadmau5 for allegedly plagiarising one of the latter’s most famous tracks.

Assumingly, celebrating the release of his first EP, “Coming of Age”, which had just dropped on 10 July, on the reputed Paris-based label Roche Musique. Though audiences seemed to be appreciating the EP, after Deadmau5 heard it, the situation quickly evolved into something of a social media fiasco.

According to the mouse head, Zimmer’s track ‘Heartbreak Reputation’ bears a striking similarity to his 2008 collaboration with Kaskade, ‘I Remember’.

Things heated up further when a a screenshot apparently showing another Zimmer Soundcloud upload being rejected for containing copyright content from “Laurel’s ‘Shells’).

The offending track was removed from Zimmer’s SoundCloud within hours, but you can still listen to a version and compare the two tracks below.