With 10 years behind him as a solo artist, Dubfire is set to release a massive retrospective box set covering his finest contributions to modern Techno.

Born from the heyday of minimal, Dubfire emerged as part wave of forward-thinking, boundary-pushing producers of the time. Having already achieved International stardom, and house music legend status, as 1/2 of Deep Dish, Dubfire’s work since has well represented a stripped back fascination for Techno.

With “HYBRID : A Decade Of Dubfire (2006-2016),” Dubfire is able to cover an extensive back catalogue with a personal touch covering everything from early works to remixes, collaborations, and all done with Dubfire himself providing and in-depth track-by- track breakdown. The complete package contains 42 tracks on 3xLP, 16GB USB, pair of slipmats, and a signed letter from the man himself.

“HYBRID : A Decade Of Dubfire (2006-2016)” is available 16 June on Sci+Tec. PRE ORDER


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