Bora Uzer is a Miami based / Turkish born DJ, Producer and Multi-instrumentalist, who recently launched his OJO brand as a label. We caught up with him to find out about his music past, his latest release ‘I Will Find You’ and his plans for the label over 2024…

Hey Bora, do you consider yourself more of a musician than a producer? Do you have a formal background in music?

I’m not someone that likes to stick labels on things. For me labels can be restrictive and can hold back your self-belief when taking on new challenges or pathways and they can fight against creativity. Yes, I do have a formal background in music after studying jazz at the Rotterdam Conservatory. While creating on the fly through improvisation, and jamming on stage and in the studio are critical to what drives me, I also had the time and experience over past decades to learn the deeper technicalities of music production and sound engineering. For me now it’s simply about translating emotions and experiences into sounds, creating a journey that goes beyond the expected.

Do you feel you are producing the best material of your career, are you satisfied you’re fully able to say what you want to at this point?

I believe in continuous growth and evolution. Each song, each project is a step forward. I do feel that I’m creating some of my best work, but there’s always room for exploration and improvement. It’s an ongoing journey of self-expression, and I’m excited about the path ahead and to continue learning new things.

Are there certain key aspects to your tracks you always want to nail, the foundations that define your own sound?

For me it’s all about the feeling and energy in a track. Of course, the technical elements need to be on the necessary level, but the music has to speak to people. This is what inspired me to create OJO, the events and the label. It is not about a sound or a space, it is all about feeling. Taking a trip far from our day to day reality and entering a circle of community and acceptance, where we can all come together to dance, move and exist in the moment. That’s the OJO experience, we are inviting people to look beyond what the eyes can see.

Do you work quickly and capture the emotions of a moment or are you a meticulous sort of producer who is thorough over every single detail?

Capturing the moment is so important. I’m all about jamming in the studio, letting the inspiration and energy take the session where it needs to go. That initial spark can create something rare and special. For sure, the refinement process requires meticulous work that plays its part but if the magic isn’t there then there is only so much one can do.

Where do you think your sound might go next?

I see my sound continuing to evolve, the world is a constant source of inspiration. It is always evolving and with that I’ll continue to push my own boundaries, explore new sonic landscapes, and incorporate new influences.

Why did you decide now was a good time to start your OJO label?

OJO as a label project has been brewing in my mind for years now. The OJO events in Ibiza and elsewhere over the last 2 years have brought together such a beautiful community of friends and family, like-minded people that inspire each other and create unforgettable experiences. The label was simply the logical next step. It is a platform to share music with the OJO community and beyond and a means to support artists who share a similar ethos.

What are the plans for the label for 2024?

I’m excited to release more of my own music on OJO In 2024, as well as music from a host of other amazing artist likes JAMIIE and Sam Shure. There are also some great collaborations in the pipeline, including projects with fellow musicians and visual artists. Additionally, I’m focusing on bringing more immersive experiences to the audience, both through live performances and curated content. It’s about creating moments that resonate beyond the music itself.

What else are you working on for 2024?

2023 was such a special year for me. Performing around the world, I was lucky enough to play for amazing audiences in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Netherlands, Lebanon, and so much more. To play world renowned events and festivals too, the likes of Tomorrowland in Brazil, Elrow in New York, Mochakk Calling at ADE, Ushuaia, truly incredible. It was really a dream. I’m lucky that it looks set to continue in 2024.

I can’t wait to play my debut show in Buenos Aires on March 02. Also, I’m looking forward to EDC Mexico in February. Not to mention returning to Dubai with the FIVE family before then. 2024 will be another adventure, hope to see you all on the dancefloor somewhere!

Bora Uzer “I Will Find You” is out now on OJO
Grab It Here