Fedele is an Italian artist from Bari who has been part of the emerging wave of DJs and producers who are eager to explore new territories of electronic music. Formerly part of the Agents of Time project, he left 3 years ago to pursue his solo career releasing music on labels like Ellum Audio and his own Obscura. We sat down with him recently to delve a little more into his journey…

Hey Fedele, great to meet you! Why and when did you start in music?

Fedele: Hey there! It’s a pleasure. So my journey in music began back in my school days. We had this special program where we could choose an instrument — Piano, Violin, Guitar, or Flute. I was instantly drawn to the violin; its complexity was a challenge I couldn’t resist. Fast forward to 2005, a club outing with my cousin unveiled the amazing world of DJing to me. That experience was transformative. Shortly afterward, I found myself experimenting with turntables at home, immersing myself in this entirely new realm of creativity. It wasn’t long before I ventured into music production, a natural progression in my artistic journey.

What were your key influences/inspirations then and now?

Fedele: In the beginning, it was the magic of live performances by a range of artists that truly ignited my passion for music. Each artist’s unique style and energy left an indelible mark on me, shaping my early aspirations. As I delved deeper into the music world, my sources of inspiration evolved and expanded. I began to absorb a wider array of influences, from classic composers to contemporary producers, each contributing to the development of my artistic voice. Today, while my inspiration draws from a more diverse spectrum, those initial sparks from live performances still resonate deeply in my creations. They form the foundational layers of my music, blending with my current influences to shape the unique sound I strive for in my work.

What have been some landmarks in your career to date that you are most proud of?
Fedele: Reflecting on my career, each ‘first’ has its own special significance — from the release of my first records to launching my first solo project. These moments were pivotal, marking the beginnings of new chapters. However, a real turning point was when I decided to step away from a long-term collaborative project to carve out my own path. This decision wasn’t easy, but it was a defining moment that truly unleashed my creative spirit. It allowed me to explore new territories in music, experiment more freely, and develop a sound that was authentically mine. This bold move was not just a career landmark; it was a leap towards artistic liberation and self-discovery, which I am immensely proud of.

Which tunes have been most important in terms of success or establishing your sound since your solo project started?

Each tune I’ve crafted since starting my solo journey has been an integral step in my musical evolution. I like to think of it as assembling a puzzle where each piece is crucial to the complete picture. My solo project, in essence, is a tapestry woven from my varied musical experiences. Every track I produce adds a distinct thread to this tapestry, reflecting different facets of my artistic identity. Some tunes have been turning points, gaining notable success and helping to solidify my presence in the music scene. Others have been more experimental, playing a key role in refining and evolving my sound. Together, they form a collage that not only represents my journey but also showcases the diversity and depth of my musical expression.

And when making music, what are your aims, what sounds are you most fond of, what is the aim of your tunes?

Fedele: My foremost goal in making music is to maintain an element of unpredictability and versatility. I steer clear of being pigeonholed into a single genre or style. This philosophy is reflected in my approach to music creation, which is centered around exploration and fusion. I am constantly on the lookout for unique and varied sounds to integrate into my compositions, aiming to keep my style distinctive yet continuously evolving. Each tune is an experiment in blending diverse elements – from unconventional rhythms to novel soundscapes – to create something fresh and unexpected. The aim is not just to produce music but to create auditory experiences that challenge norms and push the boundaries of what’s possible in sound. Ultimately, I want my tunes to be a journey for the listener, one that’s as dynamic and multifaceted as my own musical exploration.

Where is your best environment to dj? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc etc?

Fedele: My sweet spot for DJing is undoubtedly during peak times in nightclubs, ideally with a three-hour set. That’s where I truly feel in my element, where the energy is palpable, and I can connect deeply with the crowd. However, the sheer scale and vibrancy of performing at a large festival are also exhilarating. Each environment, whether it’s the intimate confines of a club or the expansive setting of a festival, brings its own unique charm and challenges. I cherish the diversity these different venues offer. In a club, I can create a journey with my music, weaving through various moods and styles, while a festival allows me to share my sound with a vast audience, feeding off their collective energy. Each experience is distinct, but both are equally rewarding and essential to my growth as an artist.

About your label Obscura – what is the sound, what do you want it to be known for?

Fedele: Obscura is a project that’s very close to my heart, representing a journey beyond the confines of traditional genres. The essence of the label is a mirror of my own artistic ethos – a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation in music. Obscura is not just about the sound; it’s an extension of my creative self. This means it goes beyond just curating tracks; it’s about crafting an entire aesthetic and conceptual experience. I envision Obscura as a beacon in the music industry, known for its boldness in breaking musical boundaries and its dedication to fostering unique talents who share a passion for pushing the limits of creativity. Ultimately, I want Obscura to be synonymous with a sound and experience that’s always evolving, always surprising and authentic.

How do you judge its success so far?

Fedele: While navigating the initial phases of Obscura, I see our journey not just in terms of conventional success metrics but as a growing and evolving venture. The excitement and potential that surround the label are infinite. We’ve already seen significant interest and engagement from artists and listeners alike, which is incredibly heartening. The success for us, at this stage, is measured by the quality of music we release and the resonance it finds within our audience. The positive feedback and the growing community of supporters are testaments to the impact we are beginning to make. While we’re still laying the groundwork and building our identity, the early signs are very promising. The true success of Obscura, in my eyes, will be its long-term influence and its contribution to the music scene, both of which we are passionately working towards. The journey so far has been incredible, and it’s this journey, with all its challenges and triumphs, that truly defines our success.

What future projects are you working on?

Fedele: One of the major projects I’m deeply immersed in right now is finalizing my upcoming album, which is due for release in 2024. This album is a culmination of my recent musical explorations and represents a significant milestone in my career. I’m pouring my heart and soul into it, ensuring that every track resonates with my artistic journey.

Simultaneously, a significant portion of my energy is dedicated to nurturing Obscura. This involves a multifaceted approach – from scouting and promoting fresh and innovative talent to curating unique and immersive events. I’m particularly focused on enhancing our presence in the music scene, both through the distinctive sound of our releases and through memorable live experiences that embody the spirit of the label.

What is your ideal New Years Eve, where, and with who?

Fedele: My ideal New Year’s Eve would be quite unconventional. Instead of the typical celebrations, I’d love to be in a state-of-the-art studio, surrounded by cutting-edge equipment and an inspiring atmosphere. The highlight of the evening would be collaborating with one of the musical legends who have significantly influenced my career. Together, we’d be lost in a world of creativity, aiming to create something truly groundbreaking. This night would be less about the countdown to the new year and more about the celebration of music. To me, a night like this, immersed in creativity and good vibes with a musical icon, would be an unforgettable and perfect way to usher in the new year.

Grab Fedele’s “Thunder Ride” on Dskonnect 20 Years compilation here