Frenchman Nico De Andrea has recently excelled once more with his brand new remix of Jimmy Nevis’s hit single Levels. It comes after he has established himself as a master of mixing up Afro house, techno and hooky melodies.

He has collaborated with the likes of BLOND:ISH, Themba, LP Giobbi, and many more and the new remix is an emotionally charged track with a sublime vocal and artful synth craft. It is his latest top outing after previous releases on the likes of Yellow Productions, Axtone Records, and Spinnin’ Records.

Here we speak to him about the new remix, how the French scene has influenced his music, what is in his studio and much more.

Hey Nico! How has 2023 been for you both on a personal and professional level?

2023 was my best year so far. Started my collaboration with Armada Music and the first results were amazing with almost 20 millions of streams, big highlights with Top ranking songs like Ethnica or Disappear, we also had an enormous tour with around 100 shows all over the world. Can’t wait for 2024!

Congrats on your remix for Jimmy Nevis’ single ‘Levels’. What was it like to remix the pop hit into your own electronic version?

I’m pretty used to working with pop songs, it’s part of my musical DNA. The difficulty with this one was the low BPM of the original song so it forced me to simplify the arrangement of the song and work mainly on the chorus. It was really interesting and I’m proud of the result.

How would you describe the new remix to those who might be listening for the first time?

It’s an emotional trip mixing soulful vocals, afro drums and techno elements.

You have also worked with LP Giobbi, Tensnake and BLOND:ISH to name a few, what other artists do you have on your bucket list to remix or work with?

I really love guys like Camelphat, Gorgon City or Diplo so it would be an honour to work with them. On the emerging scene I would say Nick Morgan, Kashovski or Samm.

How has the French music scene influenced your productions in any way, where do you take influence from?

I’ve been influenced so much by the sound of the Africanism project back in the day. I wouldn’t be the same without the work of Bob Sinclar, DJ Gregory, Julien Jabre or Martin Solveig.

What does your studio setup look like?

Extremely simple. I will forever be a bedroom producer! A macbook Pro, a pair of Yamaha HS8 and an Akaï keyboard – less is more.

Do you use any specific production tool, software or instruments to create your own signature sound?

I’ve been producing with Ableton from the beginning. My favorite plugs are Trilian for the bass, Omnisphere for the synths and Alicia Keys or Piano Noire from Native for the real piano feeling

You have been busy on the road as well this year! What shows have been your highlights this summer and why?

I would say “Les Plages Electroniques” in Cannes. I’m living in Canada but I grew up in Cannes so it’s always special to come back home and be surrounded by all my friends and family!

With the year nearly drawing to a close, what can we expect from Nico De Andrea in 2024?

My very first album is coming January 26th including four exclusive songs and a lot of surprises!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you’d like to share with us before you go?

To all the djs and producers, please send me some new music. I’m always super excited to receive new music from new talents.

Jimmy Nevis feat. Kaien Cruz & Hanna “Levels (Nico De Andrea Remix)” is out now on Gallo Record Company
Grab It Here