Yet More is a French DJ/Producer who has a very unique and special sound which has found him on quality imprints like Innervisions and AZZUR recently. We spoke to him recently to find out how his Innversions release came to be, and what else he has lined up for the rest of 2023…

Hey Yet More, how has the year been for you so far?

Hey, the year has been hot! Lots of studio work finally seeing the light of day, lots of travelling, collaborating with great artists… in summary, a very busy year.

Good problems to have so I’m grateful.

How did you hook up with Innervisions and what was it like working with that label?

I met Dixon at a party a few years back and asked him for his demo mailbox… I started sending them tunes for a while until one day I got an email from Kristian (Âme) asking to sign Erotic Trip! It was special to work with Innervisions because I’ve always been particularly drawn to their sound which is often in line with my personal taste.

What is your signature sound, what defines the tunes you make do you think?

That is a tough question to ask [Laughs]… Surely other people are better armed to answer this!

I would say that I like my music sexy, elegant and powerful. When it comes to making music, I’m not a man with a plan. I explore, I jam, I dig… and I hope the picture comes together.

What else inspires and influences you outside of music?

People and experiences. The only way for me to stay inspired is by staying in touch with my social environment, spending time with friends & family, doing sports and spending time outside of the studio… Locking yourself in may work for some people, but that’s not my potion – it kills me!

What state is the French scene in right now, what’s hot, what’s not?

That’s a tough one… I think the French scene still didn’t get the chance to properly discover our genre. Harder techno & lighter house are still the opium of the masses here. Some collectives are doing that educational work though – I’m thinking of Haïku in Paris, La Cabane Des Amis in Marseilles, and more…

Summer is almost here – does that change up the music you play, and the vibes of what you listen to and make?

I like my music sexy in the summer and deeper in the winter. I always play the venue without jeopardizing my style – there’s a time and moment for everything.

Where is your favourite place to play as a DJ and why? What sort of club, time, country?

Long sets in intimate clubs have a special feel to it – it allows for storytelling and unique moments.

Tell us about your most recent one on AZZUR and how you linked with Son of Shiva?

Son Of Shiva messaged me a few times on Instagram to send demos of stuff he was bedroom producing. One day, he sent me a demo with that special vocal. I immediately asked him if he could send the file so we could work on a collab… and Amoro came to life!

I love collaborating and experimenting – it’s more fun to work with other talented minds.

Any other collaborations coming up ?

I made a few tracks with a talented young producer in Paris – his artist name is Assayag. We have a few tracks coming out on some juicy labels – keep an eye on him!

Yet More’s “Amoro” is out now on AZZUR
Grab it here