For Deep House London, the second mix comes from MANIK. MANIK is a New York City cat born and raised, with his musical roots lying deep in the sprawling city. Don’t let his youthful looks fool you, because we’re dealing with a seasoned artist here. With releases on powerhouses such as Culprit LA and Hot Creations, the name MANIK doesn’t just ring a bell in the underground scene anymore, but is starting to gain a following on a much larger scale.

You could throw around any number of “genre-locking terms” – House, Funk, Deep House, Disco, Acid, Electronica; however, you’d still fail to get to the true meaning of MANIK, as you can hear in this mixtape. Because of his eclectic sound he is a favourite for many bookers. This has already earned him a wash-list of countries and hotspots where he has played: Australia, Canada, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Portugal, Amsterdam (Studio 80), London (Oval Space, Lightbox), Berlin (Panoramabar/Berghain) and the list goes on.

But without wasting too much words on this success-story, you should first and foremost listen to MANIK his sound. We love this mix for it perfectly shows his artistic variety, going from RnB to House, to Electronica to something more bass-heavy and turning it back around. Press play & check it out for yourself!

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