Deep Klassified Music Festival inhales an artistic and cultural breath of fresh air, combining electronic music, art, nature and well-being.

For a first time in Monaco, on the 28th and 29th of July, Deep Klassified puts forward a total change of scene to cultural-escape’s devotees, all in a “100% Jungle” scenography. Electronic music, slow food, vegan creations, mayan body-painting, yoga workshops and meditation, all soundtracked by the likes of Âme (live), Luca Bacchetti, Lehar, Rancido, Nicolas Masseyeff, Jon Charnis, Parallells, Sam Shure, Joep Mencke, RAMMÖ.

Here, the diverse Italian Luca Bacchetti preps this most interesting event with this exclusive podcast. Luca’s free-flowing, almost stream-of-consciousness approach to music creation has seen him explore many subsequent sonic shades over the course of his career, having released on the likes of Ovum, Wagon Repair, Culprit LA, Saved!, and many other esteemed imprints

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28-29 July | Deep Klassified Festival | Tickets | Monte Carlo, Monaco