Can there be too many VST’s? Maybe, but there sure aren’t too many that are totally free of charge and high quality. Luckily, have gathered the best of 2014 to one handy guide.

Just in time for 2015, an almost all-encompassing list of the best of free VST’s of 2014 emerged on the social networks. Originally put together by the list goes through 40 VSTs, which are free to download and ready for some serious dabbling. Nicely categorised into effects, instruments, guitar amps, and utilites/MIDI, this list ought to provide any bedroom producer a nice set of new stuff to try out, as well as offer good additions to any seasoned producers folder of VST’s.

Whether you’re looking to boost your tunes with some fresh effects, wanting to try out new EQ’s, seeking for new emulations of classic analog machinery or just want to try out new ways of working, there is definitely something there for you. The curators have done an excellent work with the tons of free VST’s out there, providing the readers with just the right tools that are not only great sounding but also great to work with, especially considering that they come free of charge.

Enough with the talking, it’s time to turn these VST’s into sweet sounding tunes. Click on the link below to reach the guide. Also check out some of the sample packs that we featured last year. Like the classic Roland 808 sounds, the Korg MS-20 mini or the plug-in version of the Roland SH-101.

Download Top 40 VST