With less than 60 days left to go, the buzz surrounding the yearly Dutch festival season opener is starting to grow rapidly. Ever since its beginning in 2013, DGTL has proven to be a powerful player on the Dutch festival calendar. DGTL Festival 2015 will continue to take care for music, setting, art and a sense of environmental responsibility to a new level. Here’s a peek at some of the features that make DGTL more than just a festival.

Aside from the astounding line-up (that we covered here) there are plenty of other aspects to this year’s edition that will make for a worthwhile experience. This time around there will be a broad focus on DGTL Art. The philosophy behind DGTL is explained by the organization as follows: “Seeking to connect the fields of tech innovation and warehouse-based nostalgia, DGTL Art will showcase a variety of innovative lighting, futuristic sculptures and crazy interactive performance acts to enhance the ambiance.”

Of course the mysterious Bella Berlin, aka ‘the Living Disco Ball’, will again steal the show. The lady from Germany is known from other big events such as Fusion Festival and Sonar, and has frequently visited Berghain to enhance the musical experience. Her notorious lighting spectacle is sure to cause for unforgettable moments. Here she is in action.

A new addition to this year’s DGTL Art is the Kinetic Art Collective. Kinetic art is a combination of raw materials and fine techniques to create self-sustaining, natural movement. The theme was chosen to visualize and create awareness concerning movement, energy and natural forces. With that mind, it won’t be hard to imagine visitors gazing upon these installations as they’re walking from one stage to the next. Here’s a small example of what to expect.