As I’m sure we all remember, the 2015 DGTL Festival at Amsterdam’s NDSM was a veritable rollercoaster ride; not just of music, but of an overall sensory experience. Existing as a sustainability think-tank, as much as an artistic mecca, the festival remained undoubtedly rooted within the city of Amsterdam’s industrial infrastructure and cultural history. Featuring sets from a whose who of todays best in House and Techno, DGTL truly was a solid kick off to what is widely known as “festival season,” whether in its Netherlands home, around the European continent, or worldwide.

In lieu of the traditional festival “after movie,” the guys at DGTL wanted to present a new approach to the events post-documentation.  Employing skilled video Director/Producer Jerom Fischeralongside Boris Acket, the group strived to harness a cross-genre approach to Amsterdam, DGTL, as well as the festival’s general Energy thematic.

In drawing from Fischer’s wide angle worldview,”the world is 16:9, but within these boundaries anything can happen,” the collaborators successfully interjected elements of industrialisation, juxtaposed with the oscillating energy flows of a city, culture, and lifestyle teaming within.  Existing at the periphery of visual media, where documentary, music video, and festival representation clash, the organic nature of LOOP’s “real world” capture, presents Amsterdam and DGTL not as mutually exclusive entities, but rather as a symbiotic relationship, drawing influence from each other as much as out of their respective elements.

Featuring music by Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, Weval, George Fitzgerald, Pional, and Locked Groove, as well as a host of stylisation techniques, from hyperlapse to infra-red imaging, the interconnectivity of digitised communication merges with the apparent monotony of a still analog existence, instilling multi connectivity and community as equally important towards a life, both personal and professional.


Photo Credit: Marty Marn Photography