DGTL Festival Preview: 2 Days To Go

This year the payment system for DGTL festival will be radically different from previous years. It boils down to the fact DGTL will be a completely cash-free event. How does this work? When arriving at the festival you will be able to exchange your ticket for a DGTL wristband. The wristband will be your wristband for the weekend and will allow you to buy drinks at the bar, re-enter the festival if you’re the owner of a weekender and access exclusive content all around the festival.

Another big advantage of this system is of course a considerable drop in queue sizes at the bars and credit upgrade spots across the NDSM docklands. For those who personalized their DGTL ticket through the received e-mail, DGTL has created the opportunity to buy festival credits in advance. Go to the DGTL website, click on the top up button, fill in your name and order ID and you are ready to go.

A new addition to this year’s expansive DGTL Art program is the Kinetic Art Collective. Kinetic art is a combination of raw materials and fine techniques to create self-sustaining, natural movement. The theme was chosen to visualize and create awareness concerning movement, energy and natural forces. With that mind, it won’t be hard to imagine visitors gazing upon these installations as they’re walking from one stage to the next. Here’s a small example of what to expect. There’s of course much more to expect, with many new and exciting acts and experiences you can get yourself into, with some old familiars passing through as well (remember Bella Berlin?).

Over the years DGTL has made various efforts over the years to limit our footprint. This time DGTL Revolution will take the next step regarding energy management. At the festival site there will be experiments running with different types of renewable energy. You will come across a windturbine, a hydro power pump, solar panel stations and even a human power station. Bio diesel generators will also be compared to the gas and fuel generators to see what the major differences are in power and efficiency – it will be a true testing ground for the future of sustainability in the festival scene.

DGTL Festival is now officially sold out, but there are still tickets for the opening night and the after parties.


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