Only 30-something more days to go until DGTL Festival 2014 will take place in Amsterdam during Easter weekend. Be there when some of the most acknowledged organizations in the industry will send their finest underground electronica soldiers into the battlefields at the NDSM Docklands. Armed with some of the most contagious weapons of mass eruption, the artists are equipped to come, see and conquer – not only your oozy auditory canals, but also that hidden place in your brain where you store the most exceptional memories. Located on the waterfront of the city harbour, DGTL Festival has chosen the perfect site to kick off the Dutch outdoor festival season, with two days of festival madness, six stages endowed with explosive sound systems, 81 invited top-notch artists and over 13 thousand thrill-anticipating attendees on Facebook.

In our “DGTL Stages” series, DHA each week will provide a recommending outlook on the different stages at DGTL festival 2014. Last time we had a look at the torero DJ’s from the Red Bull Stages. This week we will shift our focus on the Analog Stage. Having an analog stage at a festival called digital, is like the exception that proves the rule. You should definitely check out some of the numerous live sets by this impressive range of DJ’s, consisting of big names from all over Europe.

Analog stage, Saturday 19th of April:

Let’s start with the German faction: pick up some good musical vibes with the Hamburg-based Kollektiv Turmstrasse, because when Nico and Christian start working the crowd, it’s like somebody is dumping a bucket of energy on the dance floor. Or check out Oliver Schories’ versatile, techno-infused tracks that are characterized with a warm and subtle, yet energetic style. During last years edition this was one of the highlights of the festival, as you may remember. Berlin’s Einmusik will also bring their clubby and timeless tunes (that recently crashed into the scene on their jubilee album “10 Years Remixes”) to the Amsterdam Docks. Konstantin Sibold is also in on it with his mix of rough Chicago and Detroit house. The insider tip on Saturday are Ten Walls from Lithuania which have been described as “a slice of mirage-like deep house that skates over a dulcet string progression and is punctuated by belching gobs of bass”. Who can’t agree with that?

Haarlem-based Miss Melera comes to indulge the crowd with her melodic confection that is both fresh and timeless, and completely her own. When you’re under Miss Melera’s spell, you won’t be able to stop moving, and you won’t be able to wipe a giant smile off your face. Merijn and Harm from Weval are the second local act on the stage and they are also expected to mix their diverse backgrounds from triphop to jazz into their own signature style. Pitto from Utrecht, who will also make his appearance during Deep House Amsterdam tour-event in Amsterdam, rounds off this stage’s line up nicely, taking his musical endeavours to the stage and consistently rocking the dancefloor with his solid live show.

kollektiv turmstrasse dgtl

Analog stage, Sunday 20th of April:

To let the cat out of the bag: the big name on Sunday is Boris Brejcha who, with his outstanding sound, introduced a new era of electronic music: high-tech minimal. However, AKA AKA + Thalstroem also stroke out on their own with their label Burlesque Musique which focuses on non-conformist minimal and techhouse, influenced by swing, jazz, balkan, funk and other out-of-the-ordinary but highly danceable music. Coming from the furthest distance, Canadian-based kid Fairmont carved out a successful career in the fuzzy hinterland between the worlds of indie and dance. Worakls comes to bring some classy French style into that game. University educated, his knowledge goes beyond electronics, allowing him to create powerful, dreamlike and sophisticated compositions. Compatriot N’to from Marseille brings along some Mediterranean style by his use of smooth melodies surrounded by efficient minimal rhythms. Hometown boy Arjuna Schicks’ music lives on the outskirts of ambient, minimal and deep house, though always with a distinctive melodic and energetic edge. Who’s fascinated by sounds that can instantly change moods, should definitely check out Hubert Kirchner’s beautiful chords and scary robotic sound.

boris brejcha

To summarize, the analog promises to bring you music that exists far from the mainstream electronic sounds of today. Get ready to go Analog..

Analog Day 1: Kollektiv Turmstrasse (Live) | Oliver Schories (Live) | Einmusik (Live) | Ten Walls (Live) | Konstantin Sibolo | Miss Melara | Pitto (Live) | Weval |

Analog Day 2: Boris Brejcha | Worakls (Live) | AKA AKA + Thalstroem (Live) | N’to (Live) | Solee (Live) | Arjuna Schiks (Live) | Fairmont (Live) | Hubert Kirchner (Live) |

April 19 + 20 | DGTL Festival 2014 | Tickets | NDSM Docklands |

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