The DHA & The Boom Room series of mixtapes continues with a household name of Yorkshire, UK, Leigh D Oliver. Having released on such labels as Freche Fruchte, Inner City Records and the Chicago-based Large Music, Leigh D Oliver also runs the Definitive Ridge Recordings. Be prepared for an hour of what in the UK is known as ‘proper’ house music.

Having started out as a fan of hip hop, rave, indie rock and heavy metal, Leigh D Oliver first got infected with the House bug in Leeds’ Back to  Basics in the late nineties. Teenage years as a guitarist in bands quickly changed to a life of a record collector and a DJ. Leigh D Oliver bought his first set of turntables as well as built a crude studio of his own. Continuing on this path, today he’s known for both his productions as well as his extensive collection of music.

Leigh D Oliver has had a good run of his own productions, and one of his tunes, Sordid Details, was re-released in mid-December as part of Large Music’s best of 2014 compilation. Receiving plays from the likes of Sidney Charles  and Josh Butler, Leigh’s productions feature a punch and a step that is very unique for the UK sound of today. But don’t think that that’s it, this fine lad has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and can churn out sounds from many ends of the spectrum. Based on sneak previews, 2015 will feature even more good releases from Leigh.

Click play below to hear what Leigh D Oliver has in store for us!

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Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Axel is a music writer, a DJ, and a radio host. Since stepping on the 1’s and 2’s in 2008 it’s been one helluva ride for this house music lover. Gathering full momentum in the Finnish scene with his SMOOD duo, this northern dweller packed his bags and re-located in A’dam in 2014. Axel is known for a wide spanning view on everything with a 4/4 beat. His Dj-sets have been heard both in clubs and on the semi-national radio station Basso in FIN. With interests on both the current state of dance music as well as where it all came from, it was only natural for him to jump on the DHA bandwagon. Axel has a knack for discussing everything house, but also enjoys letting the music speak for itself. His writings are known to be as provocative as the cheeky house tunes that he plays whenever given the chance.

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