Phred Noir is the co-founder of La dame Noir (Bar, Club, Label), art director & DJ based in Marseille, South of France. Phred Noir has been producing tracks with Amevicious under “La dame Noir” name for different labels (Meant, Factor City, Blindetonation, LdN Rds). He is also been releasing records on “My Favorite Robot” as Slow Porn alongside Remain from Meant Records.

From Balearic Disco to Slow Techno via Dark Disco, from the seaside to the latest dance floor, Phred Noir likes to play between 100 & 120 BPM and feels even better right in the middle. He is known to build up the tension slowly and take his time to go from the slower BPM till his own 123bpm limit.

Phred Noir has been DJing since 1995 and started La dame Noir project in 2009. The LdN projects allowed him to witness how Nu-Disco evolved and how the french Techno scene came to slow down its own tempo, a fact that made those 2 music collide to give this new Dark Disco vibe. A sound represented today by labels like Les Disques De La Mort, Lumiere Noire, Correspondant, Meant, I’m A Cliché, Her Majesty’s Ship, Kill The DJ, and most definitely La dame Noir Rds.

Because of all this, he had the chance to play more than once alongside Mano Le Tough, Maceo Plex, Pachanga Boys, Chloé, Andrew Weatherall, Barnt, Ivan Smagghe, Munk, Pete Herbert, ALFOS, The Revenge, Mark E, Eddie C, Cosmo Vitelli, Simian Mobile Disco, Arnaud Rebotini, Michael Mayer, Tim Paris, Rayko, Dicky Trisco, Danton Eeprom, Curses, Amine Edge & Dance, Kavinsky and so many others.

Phred has been booked those last summers in many festivals (Calvi On The Rocks, Alfresco, Marsatac, Les Plages Electroniques, Alfresco, Equation…), he’s been playing into the best french club like Paris-Paris, Social Club, Chez Moune, Le Baron, IBoat, Nuits Fauves, Wanderlust, Garage, and of course at his own La dame Noir dancing, and a few club in Asia Elevator (Shanghai), Basement (Hong Kong), Observatory (Ho Chi Minh), Savage (Hanoi), Dommune, Solfa, Module, Trump Room, Bonobo (Tokyo) & The Edge, Jamaica (Hiroshima). Of Course he has been playing also in other european cities like London, Manchester, Istanbul, Barcelona, Madrid, Roma & Berlin.

We’re happy to have Phred Noir contributing to our mix series. His mix consists of mostly unreleased music by some of his favorite producers: Curses, Arthur Johnson, Max Jones, Kimshies, Undo, Middle Sky Boom, Eliezer, Damon Jee, Jonathan Kusuma, Niv Ast, Phunkadelica, Theus Mago, Local Suicide, & More, Alvee, Samuel Lupian, Javier Martinez & more…

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