Tokyo Netscape nightingale Sapphire Slows is a producer, DJ, and performer who is known for her own style inspired by left-field electronic, ghostly ambient, smoky dub, and extraordinary 80′s  pop sounds.

She started producing and recording music in her bedroom in Spring 2011, mainly with vintage Casio keys and Ableton, after which this new young Tokyo gem-gleaner was discovered by LA-based underground label Not Not Fun & Tokyo-based Big Love. Her first proper full-length album ‘Allegoria’ released in 2013 was chosen as best album of the year by Crack Magazine (UK), Mike Paradinas (Planet Mu/UK), Japan Times (JP), and so on.

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Leonardo Martelli – 03 23 (Notte)
Valya Kan – Machine Soul
Beatrice Dillon – FACE B
Shanti Celeste – Loop One
Keihin – Stiff
Your Highness – Stratofortress (Rrose Remix)
Jonbjorn – Holy B
CV313 – Belle Isle Symphonics
Passarella Death Squad – In Heaven (Violet Remix)
Roza Terenzi – Gigi
Urulu – Transworld
Ali Asker – Ascent (DJ Spider Remix)
Cubenx – Centaur
Donato Dozzy – Back
Cassegrain – Future D Agent
Shit Robot – Cuved (Edmondson Version)
Chateau Flight – Sargan (New Mix)
Tin Man – Evaporated Acid
Wata Igarashi – Spirits In The Rain