“Pretty mysterious but that’s not the appeal. Super diverse stylistically, but that’s not it either! – indeed you’ll uncover little about Stump Valley using the well-worn tool of the internet, but what you do after hearing all of their tracks on the dancefloor, is chilling out and listen to them again.”
Jordan Czamanski from Juju & Jordash

Raised from the ashes of an old project, Stump Valley is a little village in the countryside, where deers and boars run free in the street. That’s the place where most of Stump Valley ‘s music was made.

Stump Valley: “After years of djing and producing under different monikers, we decided to move our home studio and a big collection of vinyl to sample, to a place with no internet and no tv. We lived there for 2 years producing music, we tried to make something out of time, no genre boundaries, old sounding but modernly conceived, trying not to copy, just went through our own conception to give it a strong identity. 

When we decided there was enough material, we just put it online and in a space of time we would have never expected, most of the material was subscribed to labels. In every release, we use to have remixes with the alias Mtrpls, which is our urban side that takes us back to the streets where we grew up.”
(From an interview for Rush Hour, Amsterdam)

The duo has released music on Rush Hour, Uzuri, Off Minor, Dopeness Galore and No ‘Label’ and are regulars at the events from the Dekmantel family. This May 25th Stump Valley will perform at Lente Kabinet sharing the stage with Call Super & Shanti Celeste, Beautiful Swimmers, Daniel Wang, Roza Terenzi and Samo DJ. They’ll also perform at Dekmantel Selectors on August 22nd in Tisno, Croatia.

This special mix will not only get you warmed up for these events, but also summer in general. Because if this mix doesn’t make you crave sunshine, we don’t know what will.