SHMLSS, consisting of Bart and Michiel, connected through the Disco sound they both love. Always searching for those rare gems in dark, dusty old record stores, they often came home with the same records. Their DJ sets are thriving and diverse, blending Disco cuts, Africa beats, Ambient stuff and Industrial House grooves maintaining a good energy level at any given moment.

Carrying the latest (or oldest) vinyl’s, they always find a way to surprise the audience and themselves with quality disco minded music for openminded music people. Starting out in a local bar in Utrecht, the Netherlands, SHMLSS quickly became a frequent guest at the leading clubs and internationally recognized festivals. Just before their breakthrough in the summer of 2012, they won a golden gnome for best new talent. Followed by numerous gigs and releases on Disco Deviance, To Rack & Ruin, and other respected disco minded labels. They’ve been doing shows at venues like Wilde Renate (Berlin), Shelter and De Marktkantine (Amsterdam), Mick’s Garage (Londen), Sisyphos Berlin, Thuishaven and more.

The following chapter was the involvement of Bart with the infamous FEST parties and festivals in and around Amsterdam’s most special venues. The guests behind the decks have been artists like Tornado Wallace, Erin Duncan, Space Dimension Controller, Rahaan, Antal, Hunee, Ata, HNNY, Damiano von Erckert, Manfredas, Ana Helder, Prins Thomas, Kornél Kovács and Moscoman amongst other great artists.

In 2015 they started their own label XXX and got instant support from heavyweights in the cosmic disco, house & electronica scene like Jennifer Cardini, Massimiliano Pagliara, Âme, Tim Sweeney, The Hivern Disc crew, and Andrew Weatherall. The label has seen some amazing releases from Brian Ring, Marvin & Guy, Iñigo Vontier, Il Est Villaine, Younger Than Me, Stijn Sadée, Jason Kendig, and Jaques Renault among others.

We’re happy to have SHMLSS on the series bringing you DHA FM Mix #433. Their mix is a recording of their openings set for DJ Harvey a few weeks back at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam.

This Saturday, June 1st FESTIFEST is taking place in Amsterdam, with Optimo, Bradley Zero, Perel, Maurice Fulton, Prosumer & Virginia, Prins Thomas, Simple Symmetry and of course the boys themselves, SHMLSS. Go and check them out.

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