Jason Peters (formerly known as JP Soul) is a veteran dj/producer from San Francisco most known for his energetic and creative DJ sets, his prolific streak of unique productions, and his widely acclaimed record label Roam Recordings.

Jason got his start djing raves on the East Coast of the US in the early 90s, held a weekly residency for 8 years starting in Buffalo New York and then moving to San Francisco, and has been releasing music since 2001. In addition to releasing music on his own label, he has releases on Nein, Leng, Whiskey Disco, Rotten City, Emerald and Doreen, Logical, Wicked, Csk:Beat, Det Sync, and Meant Records.

As an internationally recognized artist Jason Peters has played top events such as Block 9 at Glastonbury, Red Light Radio in Amsterdam, La Dame Noir in Marseille, KaterBlau in Berlin and the Alfresco festival in the UK. Jason is also a long time staple of the San Francisco dance music community where he plays regularly for some of SF’s more discerning clubs and promoters such as Sunset Sound System, Housepitality, Monarch, and The Great Northern among others. He has also branched out to the LA warehouse with his partner Jeniluv and DJs for parties such as Dusk, Who is Jack, and Better Late.

As the boss of Roam Recordings he has released music from well respected artists such as The Emperor Machine, Man Power, Simple Symmetry, Zombies in Miami, Lauer, Jonathan Kusuma, Curses, Autarkic, Hardway Bros, Eric Duncan, Pillowtalk, Black Spuma, DJ Rocca, Rodion, Iñigo Vontier, Damon Jee, Concret, Thomaas Banks of Psychemagik, The Hacker, Tronik Youth, Heretic, and many others.

Though a seasoned artist and long time force in the music industry Jason Peters is really hitting his stride now with a slew of forward thinking dance music coming out regularly along with an ever growing reputation for his energetic and creative dj performances.

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