Mairo Nawaz certainly is that new breed of young, talented and up-and-coming DJ from Amsterdam. Growing up listening to his mother’s reggae and grandmother’s Soul and Jazz music, he started drumming at the age of ten and showed musical talents at an early age.

It wasn’t before long or Mairo Nawaz immersed himself in Hip-Hop and R&B in his teens, but never felt like an old archeologist when he dusted off his family’s old record collections and tried to find a correlation with the modern electronic music of today. He brought this enthusiasm to connect the olden and modern dots with him as a DJ and manages to make everything his own. While his career as a DJ is still in the springtime of its life, his portfolio certainly isn’t. Deviation, SXSW, Lowlands, De School, Down The Rabbit Hole, Appelsap, Festimi, are some of the names he already put on his list.

With the throngs of young DJ’s trying to find a way out of the maze of obscurity, Mairo has long left them behind and found significance by being studious of the giants that came before him and endeavoring
to be different from the rest around him.

We’re happy to have Mairo Nawaz on our series, as we’ve had some amazing nights out dancing on his infectious DJ sets.

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1. Shanti Celeste – Good Spirits
2. Phreax – Lindup Skinup
3. Molinaro – Gio
4. Underground Resistance – Base Camp Alpha 808
5. Dawl – Caught With A Spraycan
6. Steven Julien – Bloodline
7. ERP – Repose
8. Programming – D.I.E. (Detroit in Effect)
9. Catch The Train – Kosh
10. Triangular Hydrogen Strain – Drexciya
11. Magnetospheric  –  Morphology
12. 10 – B. Calloway
13. Garrett – Sweet Dreams