The now US-based Rigopolar is a cosmic explorer and space sound aficionado with credits on the likes of Tom Tom Disco dating back five or so years. His mix of disco and techno has taken him to gigs around the world, podcasts for Soma and remixes on the likes of Beat is Murder.

His most recent affair is on leading Mexican label Duro, where Rigopolar is welcomed for four of his fantastically expansive and expressive disco tunes. Brilliant opener ‘Black Mantis’ is a spooky cut with a mysterious lead that takes you into a mystic forest. The drums move things on as sci-fi sounds and withering synths add details to this most evocative musical story. ‘Espiral’ is a colourful, psychedelic scandi-disco classic with looping arps taking you ever further into the stars. Its craftsmanship is second to none as it draws you deeper and deeper in. The scintillating ‘Time’ is another lush cut with plenty of glistening and glowing synths. Always ascending through the mix, they lift your spirits and hands in equal measure while the deeper drums keep your feet moving. Last of all is ‘Crashes’, a slower and more melancholic track that is paired back to a steamy vocal and rolling drums. A poignant one-finger melody brings tenderness to this brilliantly introspective closer.

This is an exceptional trip through timeless disco with a difference, and so is his mix. We’re happy to have Rigopolar contributing to our mix series.

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