With a knack for delivering raucous and ravey DJ sets and producing smooth and sensual dancefloor anthems, X-Coast is at the heart of today’s underground dance music community.

Growing up in Yugoslavia and now based out of Brooklyn, X-Coast’s diverse musical roots shine through his stacked catalogue of releases. He first gained traction with his ‘Mango Bay’ EP in 2015 – featuring a warm and soulful house essence – with a title track that rapidly swept through the scene and racked up over 1 million plays on YouTube. His next releases would further showcase more of his unique style, with an EP on Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs that provided more nostalgic house flavours while his material on the Shall Not Fade sub-label Lost Palms and UNDERTHESEA brought forth more energy and rave motifs. To continue his ascent, releases on Hot Haus Recs, Dansu Discs, Big Beat and now his own Riviera Records only solidify his place within the new crop of influential tastemakers.

We’re happy to have X-Coast contributing to our series with this fine selection of Lo-fi house beats, perfect for a work/chill session or while getting ready for another weekend full of dance vibes.

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01. kPax – Let It Go
02. Jorge Zamacona – Untitled
03. Will Saul – Moorings
04. Bryan Zentz & Aron Nerbit – Service
05. kPax – KFX
06. Jorge Zamacona – Arms Off My Filter
07. Trevor Rockcliffe – Three Bags Full
08. Trevor Rockcliffe – It’s Just A Party
>>> Peverelist – Roll With The Punches
09. DJ Romain & Danny Krivit – Ride
10. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Eight Miles High Remix)
11. Ian Pooley – Gimme Sound
12. kPax – kStrings
13. Modern Quartet – System Bolaget (Remix)
14. Scan X – Neurotronik
15. Brooklyn Bounce – Get Ready To Bounce (DJ Flip Ghetto Dance Edit)
16. Chrissy – Your Ghost (X-Coast Remix)
17. Michiru Oshima – Wanna Wanna (Legend of Legaia)
18. Aloka – Love Drug
19. Grudge – Lavinia
20. The Orange Project – Musicology