Breaking through in 2016 via their EP “Swedish Lo-Life”, released by Axel Boman on the eclectic Studio Barnhus imprint, MLiR was born from a love of heavily dug DJ sets, late night studio sessions and live organic elements; resulting in a sound that channels a whole universe of dance-floor stories.

2020 started off with a bang, with their and Velmondo aka Arnau Obiols’ praised EP “Mad Honey”, with heavy and varied support from DJ Harvey, Hunee, Âme, Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson, Roman Flügel, Nicola Cruz, HAAi, and Dea Barandana to mention a few.

“The word ”organic” often comes into mind when you hear MLiR’s music. They blend a whole new universe of sounds, analog vs organic, samples vs. field recordings; always telling a story and impossible to categorise under one genre.”

More original music is coming this year, with songs for Ibadan, their third MLiR EP, the lads’ debut album, and a remix, all on the schedule.

We’re happy to have MLiR contributing to our mix series with this super funky set, which might make you forget for a moment that modern life is rubbish (a joke for the insiders).

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Corruption House – Dumbo Beat (Mixage Beat)
African Jungle – African Jungle (Alternative Mix)
The Voodooists – Damballah 2000 (Bocor Mix)
Finding Maxxx 1
Bud – Beat You Down
Heera – Beat the Rhythm (Concrete Mix)
Mikron’s – Vision (Instrumental Dub Version)
Arnau Obiols & Kayyak feat. Tcheco – Chang’an
Lem’s – Don’t Kill the Elephants (Dub Mix)
Hypnosis – Bang, Bang, Boogie
Moy Boy – Notte Divina (Divine Version)
XXX 808 Beat – Spitting Image (MLiR Neek Edit)
MLiR & Yung Prado – Untitled
Bella Boo – Idrischön
Stuff It – R U Going With Me
Karim Sahraoui – Prelude
Finding Maxxx 2
GES – Dwarka
Joel Mull – Guardian of the Gate
Joe Zawinul – The Harvest (Basic Need Edit)
Off the Meds – Wena
JP Sunshine – I Want To Stay