The history of the DJ & producer duo and couple Local Suicide stretches back over a decade to the year 2009. Since they’ve met, Brax Moody and Vamparela have collaborated together on various projects, all culminating in the conception of Local Suicide in Berlin.

Local Suicide’s distinctive sound is an energetic fusion of new wave, slow techno, post disco and acid house that they themselves have given the name technodisco, while Beatport declared them as one of the key figures in the uprising dark disco scene.

Their propulsive grooves have recently been woven into releases with the likes of influential artists such as Rodion, Mijo, Theus Mago Alejandro Paz, and Curses, winning them overwhelming support across the board from the music press and prolific DJs. The coming year holds a lot of promise in store for this dynamic duo, with a series of upcoming EPs, tracks in compilations, and remixes marking the next stepping stone on their journey to worldwide cobra wave and techno-disco takeover.

Some of the upcoming releases from Local Suicide:
– Album with Kalipo on Hold Your Ground
– EP with Skelesys on Samo Records
– EP with Alejandro Paz on Heimlich
– Tracks on Compilations with Thomass Jackson, Theus Mago & Time To Sleep

For now, enjoy their special 85-minute journey with a blend of their own and some of their favorite recent releases.

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Time to Sleep feat. Local Suicide – Fisherman Solitude
Wolfstream – Khoomei
Velax, 9claws – SMH (Parissior Remix)
Far&High – Voyager
Eliezer x Isadora – Get Down
FLXXX – The Past Has No Power (Local Suicide Remix)
BTCOP – Left Without Logic (Moisees Remix)
Planningtorock – Jam Fam (Chanel Show Version)
Durand – Crisálida (Cabizbajo PseudoDub Mix)
9claws – American in the Future (Fedorovski Remix)
Red Axes – Lala In A Bag
Disco Morato – Mandato Divino
Kalipo & Local Suicide – Uranos (Munich Edit)
Theus Mago & Local Suicide – Jam Bounce Landr Release
Pyrame – The Fine Line Between Us (Local Suicide Remix)