When it comes to rave culture there aren’t many artists out there who are as passionate and dedicated as Enzo Siragusa.

Continuing a year that has seen him tour worldwide as far as North America and Australia, and play for esteemed events like We Are Festival, plus an impressive list of FUSE showcases on top at Off Sonar, Sonus Festival, MDRNTY Cruise, Studio 338, the rebirth of 93 Feet East with INFUSE and their FUSE summer residency at Amnesia Ibiza with HYTE.

October continues the big year as Enzo will once again bring his extended solo DJ set to London, coming in the form of “All Night Long” on 7 October at Village Underground, while also bringing FUSE to Amsterdam Dance Event in cooperation with HYTE. Anticipating the busy month ahead, we sat down with Enzo to discuss his approach to going All Night Long (as opposed to his previous “All Day Long” session), experiences in Amsterdam, and general impressions about the year that was.

Enzo’s imprint FUSE will also release its latest EP on 30 September – Volver – by Guti & Chris Cons.

“There have been lots of highs at FUSE”

First off, what have been your impressions on the summer season this year? Highs? Lows? Surprises? Disappointments?
There have been lots of highs at FUSE, as it has been a very successful summer at Amnesia and I am very proud of that. I have felt that the island has changed a little. There is more going on this year, and a few less ravers, and yes, it is becoming more VIP focused. There are different kinds of people coming to the island which changes the dynamic but none of this is a surprise. This has happened in the past and Ibiza has still survived and retained the magic.

Do you have a routine to maintain your mental health and mindfulness whilst on the road, especially during the rigors of summer travel?
I do yes. I have invested time in learning how to meditate over the years and found that it has been very important to maintaining my physical and mental health when on the road. To get yourself into a trance like state for 20- 40 minutes can be the equivalent of giving your body a couple of hours rest, and this has become an essential part of my weekend routine. It can be a real life saver and resets my body and mind

On October 7, you’ll be going “All Night Long” at London’s Village Underground. I’d assume the singular aspect of a performance like this yields a bit more preparation? If so, how do you approach an “all night long” solo set vs. your standard set? Do you have any difference in the way you construct it?
I can start with more ambient and trippy stuff which I never usually get to play when only having a between 90-120 minutes. You build a lengthy set based on mood rather than energy, and you have to have the correct records to do this. I am actually digging through my records as we speak! I have a built up a vast and broad record collection over 25 years so taking time in the couple of weeks before hand to dig through is a really important part of preparing for an all night long set.

Why is Village Underground the right venue for such an event?
Village Underground is a venue that I know and feel completely comfortable in. It has been FUSE’s home for the past 5 years and I have spent this time working with the venue to perfect the sound system and lighting to be exactly how we want it. Going into a venue you don’t know so well takes a lot of work, and you need to be relaxed when heading into an all night long set to be able to flourish and feel free to go any direction you want to go.

Last time you did such an event it was all DAY long…how was that experience and why did you decide to go into the night for this edition? Do you see a drastic difference in vibe and atmosphere during the day vs. at night?
The all day event was amazing. It was sold out and full to capacity from start to finish. I don’t find there is a drastic difference in the mood from day to night. There will be a slight difference in what I play, because this is my only Saturday night gig in London this year. This is my city, I grew up here, and I have been raving here on Saturday nights my whole life. Some people have to travel quite far to go out in London, and Sunday isn’t convenient. So, I felt it was right do this Saturday night event to coax out those ravers that can’t come and see me play on a Sunday, and to play an all night long is even more special. If you’re only going to do something once, it needs to be special.

Your brand FUSE seems to have had a very involved summer with appearances everywhere from HYTE to MDRNTY Cruise to Sonus…was there any particular showcase that stood out to you?
They have all been brilliant and amazing in their own ways. Sonus, the venue, crowd, and the time of day. We did an after party that started in the morning, so to get on the decks with the sun rising around you is a memorable experience. With MDRNTY we were on a boat in the middle of the sea and our stage ran from the morning to evening. It was something very unique. This is what we look for when putting on showcases outside of London. For them to be memorable and special.

How about the dates at the newly opened Studio 338 garden. What was the atmosphere like there given the troubles that venue has gone through?
The party we did with Dyed Soundororm was fantastic. We had a great crowd and together we had a whale of a time. We are always gifted with a great crowd wherever we are, especially in London.

How do you see FUSE growing as a brand and concept from here on?
Well, we are 10 years old next year, and I still see it growing in the organic way it has done up to this point. Our residents and their music tastes have evolved and with that FUSE has evolved. FUSE has always been a platform to showcase our residents and new artists, whether they are new in the scene or we are bringing them to London for the first time, and I still want it to continue this vein. You can’t force something, and when you do, it very rarely goes in the right direction. As long as you are always doing it from the heart and for the correct reasons, I believe this is the key to longevity.

Looking through the rest of 2017 do you have anything you’re particularly looking forward to? It could be either professional or personal…for example; will you travel anywhere you haven’t been to before?
At the beginning of November, I am off to South America, and I haven’t been there much at all. Most of the FUSE boys have been and I only hear great things. Argentina is somewhere in particular I am really looking forward to seeing. I am also heading back to the US for the third time this year at the beginning of December and I love the scene there, it’s so vibrant.

How often do you find yourself in NL? When did you first visit and in what capacity? What are some non nightlife aspects of the city you enjoy?
I first went as a 17-year old tourist with a bunch of mates, and when we got there we didn’t even have a hotel booked, it was like something from the Inbetweeneers movie! We had no idea what we were doing, but I fell in love with the city from the word go. It’s such an open-minded place, which was a real eye opener when you are that young. I have a lot of friends that live in Amsterdam, and so we also try and go for Kings Day which is a lot of fun.

Finally, what will you be up to during ADE?
I am only there for two days, and will be DJ-ing for our sold out Fuse x Hyte event at Warehouse Ellermanstraat. This time I have decided to play the closing set starting 5am till very late, (or early) however you look at it.

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