Earlier this week, we anticipated the upcoming Snowbombing soiree with La Fleur‘s exclusive podcast.

Here, we get to dive deeper into the multi-faceted DJ/Producer/Label Head/Entrepreneur as she was kind enough to sit down and discuss a bit about her relationship with winter sports, as well as impressions on Berlin and what’s new in the world of Power Plant Records.

Be sure to catch La Fleur as she heads to Mayrhofen, Austria, joining the greatest show on snow starting next week, 9 April, 2018.

“I love to see the projects nourish each other. “

So, what is your relationship with winter sports like? At Snowbombing, naturally the mountains are a huge aspect of the event. Skiing or Snowboarding?
I grew up in the Swedish countryside and we had plenty of snow in the winter which I really enjoyed. Cross country skiing in the forest or ice skating on the lake were my favourites.

Though originally from Stockholm you have since made the move to Berlin. Was it just the music scene that brought you there or was there some other aspects of life in the German capital that played equal importance?
It was definitely the music scene that had its pull, but I also very much appreciated the creative freedom Berlin gave me at the time and its inexpensive way of life.

In your opinion and impression, has Berlin’s accessibility towards artists remained the same since you arrived? If it has changed, what ways do you think it has done so most of all?
Berlin is still a rather inexpensive city to live, being a capital and all, which has its pros, although rents and everyday expenses have rocketed in increase over the last years. The climate to make it in Berlin arriving as a new artist might be tougher as the market is saturated with artists, but at the same time, there are a lot of creatives in the same melting pot which can nourish and make it possible to meet other artists opening up new possibilities.

Do you ever have concerns that gentrification will affect Berlin in the same ways it has done London and New York City?
Yes, and I think it’s already started!

Similar question about Watergate. As you have a close relationship with the club, how has that relationship evolved over the years?
It’s very much a family affair, and I am playing the there regularly and also releasing from time to time on their label. My next EP titled ‘Outbreaker’, which includes a Tuff City Kids remix is to be released 14th of May.

Can you describe your Power Pant imprint from the perspective of a wider brand? Aside from the musical philosophy, it is also operates within the fashion and art space. How? How do you see the brands future?
I started Power Plant with the intention for it to be a creative breeding ground and outlet for me, with music at its core. It allows me to delve deeper into other different creative areas and I love to see the projects nourish each other.

For example, with the art I work with different illustrators, painters such as Berlin’s Olaf Hajek, Sweden’s Hans Arnold and the UK’s Dan Hillier, whose artwork graces the covers of the vinyl releases. I have also exhibited some of them in connection to a release, in Berlin and in Sweden. Power Plant Elements, was a capsule clothing collection that came together with a strong visual focus and grew into something I was very proud of. Being the fashion branch of the label, I have after also done more limited merchandise, hand printed in Berlin.

2018 is the year I am putting in some extra power into the label and have very exciting plans to share with you soon in the form of releases and events throughout the year!

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9 – 14 April | Snowbombing 2018 | Tickets | Mayrhofen, Austria