Labelshowcase: Keinemusik

The dream of each individual. When friends turn into colleagues, and tough lengthened working days, into enjoyable creative working sessions.
Entirely keeping with this motto, Keinemusik came to life in 2009. It’s been naming an existing friendship and linked interests of six members – five DJs and one graphic designer and painter. Five releases per year have been released ever since, solely laid down by members of the crew.

“If there’s a credo, it would be: you don’t necessarily need to be overly serious to be taken seriously”

We were able to get an insight of what it means to be part of Keinemusik. Welcome to the party, brothers, and sisters.

What does Keinemusik add to the dance music spectrum?
More music you can dance to.

When did you first think about launching Keinemusik
Not particularly long before we actually did it. That was in 2009.

How many people work for you? And what kind of professional activity does one take over?
There are four artists. Rampa, &ME and Adam Port are totally committed to the music, Reznik is also working as a journalist. Monja and Piotr make our graphics department and most of the label-duties are handled by Daniel.

Story behind the Keinemusik name?
German parents often tend to say „das ist doch keine Musik“ („that doesn’t sound like music or „but this is no music!“) so we kind of kept what our parents told us and made a name out of it.

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
Some of us have already been a little bit involved in some minor label work. That’s why we already knew some basic structures but the most difficult part was to convince the cool/relevant record stores in Germany to buy our records.

What qualities do you look for in a Keinemusik artist?
We’re not looking for any more Keinemusik artists, so we have to live with what we have now.

Describe 3 seminal moments in Keinemusik existence?
When we put the first vinyl EP on the market.
When people actually bought it and made it the most sold vinyl since we started.
When we toured outside of Germany/Europe for the first time and people already know about the stuff we do.

The most​ disappointing moment in Keinemusik existence?
The closing of Stattbad was definitely the most disappointing moment so far. Not only that it was our home for several years but furthermore that one of the greatest clubs in Berlin had to close as well as they teared down the building.

Describe Keinemusik album artwork?
The album cover was a coincidence like many things. We just wanted to have some pictures to go along with the album promo but the shark head stuck to us so it was kind of the theme that we used for album related stuff.

Best Keinemusik showcase?
Probably the next one.

Worst Keinemusik showcase?
Luckily everything went well​ so far.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
Ableton for sure. Wasn’t a big fan in the beginning but now every one​ of us is using it.

Upcoming projects?
Next year we turn 10 so we already planning the anniversary tour with stops at our favorite places around the globe.

What Does your Christmas party look like?
Super chilled sitting around a big table with the whole crew and family. Too much going on the rest of the year so we keep it mellow for the Keinemusik Xmas​ dinners.