At last year’s edition of Fusion Festival at Lärz, Germany, I was the happy witness to one of the finest sets during that Festival. The artist in question was Berlin resident Elisabeth, her vinyl-only set was characterised by an incredible selection of raw Chicago acid house and Detroit techno, impeccably mixed together and tapping perfectly into the crowd’s 4am state of mind at Tanzwüste. For this occasion, Elisabeth mixed exactly this kind of music for her exclusive DHA podcast. 

Elisabeth hails from what was once rightfully coined the “Berlin Underground Scene”, which centered around semi-legal minimal techno raves and never-ending after hours fueled by slowed-down deep house music. Meanwhile, her musical interests and influences have been broadening way beyond the (somewhat generic) Berlin Sound, towards all things Dance Music and its ancestors, from Techno and House to Disco, Hiphop, Funk and Soul – all of which conjured into a straight-forward view on what makes a great DJ: bravery, an open mind, calm hands, the rare ability to read a crowd – and then make people completely lose their sh*t to music they didn’t even know they could actually dance to.


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