Over the past handful of years, Route 94 has quietly yet forcefully established himself as a distinctive young figure in today’s house music scene.

Setting clubs ablaze in the hands of Skream, Benga and New York Transit Authority, Route 94’s propulsive, bass-heavy music is also regularly featured on Radio 1 and Rinse FM, while while including a globe trotting DJ schedule.

This week, Route 94 will be in town for ADE with performances at the sold out Paradise event on Friday and Verknipt‘s ADE House Special. Ahead of those events, he’s put together a solid mix (recorded live from this summer’s Straf_Werk festival) to keep the energy going through this most demanding of weeks! Also,

“I’m into vinyl but I’m not a snob.”

Where the hell are you and what are you up to?
I’m in the really cool neighbourhood of Camden doing this interview with you guys!

I noticed on Twitter you’ve been digging into what seems to be a Moog and Prophet – you started out on programs like Cubase and Fruity Loops, but now your transitioning into more analog instrumentation?
I’m doing both at the same time but I am trying to do different things. I’m still using Logic and Fruit Loops. It’s been quite challenging changing over, but I’m not changing completely over. I will keep doing both.

You into vinyl? If so – what are some recent 12s you’ve picked up?
Yes I’m into vinyl but I’m not a snob. I find a lot of stuff that you can’t find digitally and it’s amazing. In comparison to what you would find on Juno and Beatport, it’s incredible. I rip a lot of it. It’s amazing to find stuff that is very limited and old gems. The older stuff tends to be better than the stuff people are producing now. I guess I collect vinyls to find better music.

You’ve mentioned that your mother was quite influential in introducing you to music. What were some significant tracks that resonated with you at an early age?
She used to bang out this Kruder & Dorfmeister album that was sick, I need to find out what the name of that album is. Roy Davis Jr – Gabriele got rinsed as a kid. Her musical selection was crazy.

You also used to produce dubstep tracks – but you’ve since switched into a completely different genre area all together. What marked you to switch it up?
I don’t think I switched, I was a kid when I was making dubstep. I grew up and grew away from it. For me, playing to 50 angry guys whilst they are mosh pitting isn’t really fun, is it. It just got a bit much for me and I grew up from it. There are still some cool dubstep producers around though.

Considering you grew up in London – how do you describe the totality of the scene there – and concerning Brexit, what do you have to say about its future?
I think that the London scene at the moment isn’t good. Where the big boys are trying to do so much, it sort of takes it away of the home grown stuff. There’s bits out there. I don’t know, when I go to these other places in Europe, there’s so much stuff going on and it’s still natural. It feels like everyone is buzzing about it and excited to be a part of it. In London there are so many chin strokers that is like ‘I don’t know about this, this isn’t cool’. I just think London is struggling a bit. 5 years ago it was a lot better. Brexit could have an effect on the scene. Although it’s going to be a while before we feel the effects of it. But maybe it will because for us, the DJs, it’s so easy for us to go and play in Europe. But if it becomes restricted and we end up getting taxed loads, maybe people will stop paying attention to Britain. It’s all a bit too much. Who knows what will happen.

What about Amsterdam – what is your take on the scene here?
It’s really cool. With ADE, everything is organised and it feels like a family, everyone’s a bit more supported. The government and the nightlife scene all stick together, I wish we could do stuff like that here. It would be crazy! London needs something like that.

You had a little B2B session with Green Velvet at Amsterdam Open Air – how was that?
It was cool to play with him obviously, it’s Green Velvet! I don’t really do B2B’s that much but when you do it is incredible to play with people like him. He plays really good music, well.

What do you have to say about your upcoming DHA mixtape in October?
I’m so excited! I’m going to prepare a special selection for you guys at Deep House Amsterdam. It won’t be a recycled mix vibes, I’ll be bringing you the fire.

If there’s one person you’d want to collaborate with in the future – who is it?
If Prince was alive, it would have to be him. But I don’t have one person I would like to collaborate with. I would work with anyone that had something to bring to the table, I guess.

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