Composer and multi-instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli’s deep interest into electronic music has found her at the heart of Italy’s thriving underground scene.

With a focus on immersive, interacting productions, Giorgia’s dedication to multi -sensorial performance mixing sounds, images and scents, has landed her on prestigious labels such as Ellen Alien‘s Bpitch Control and Kevin Saunderson‘s KMS while holding residency at Florence’s prestigious Tenax club.

Currently, Girogia’s solo project moves between pop, techno and house, using her voice to create a dreamy dimension intensified by toy instruments. During her sets she combines keyboards, a drum pad and theremin with the sounds of toy flute, sax, trumpets and many other toys.

Here, Giorgia gives us a taste of this set from a special live recording done over the summer here in Amsterdam at Georgie’s Wundergarten Weekend. Also, be sure to grab her latest track “Everything Changes,” which is now available on the latest VA release off Stil Vor Talent.

“VA, Stil Vor Talent Berlin” is now available on Stil Vor Talent” BUY

“…when I was a kid my favorite toys were musical instruments.

So for those that dont know where are you from?
I am from Monopoli, a lovely town on the sea, in the south of Italy (Puglia) but I’ve been living in Florence for 10 years.

Have you always had music in your life?
Yes, I grew up in a family of musicians and when I was a kid my favorite toys were musical instruments.

You have been making music for a long time now how has your sound changed over the past few years?
I had a classical education (I studied classical guitar) than I played new metal in a band for many years and when I was 18 years old I started to listen to electronic music…I was captured by the sound of artists as Bjork, Ellen Allien, Apparat, Autechre, Lali Puna and many more. After my contract with Bpitch Control (I’ve signed with them a 3-year contract with my previous project We Love) I started touring in dance clubs, so my sound has changed a lot. Today I can say that my music is a mix of deep, techno and pop.

You recently featured on the secret lineup at Georgies Wundergarden. What were your impressions of the festival?
I loved it! The incredible atmosphere, the professional staff and the beautiful music run through every stage! The location was amazing and I’m really in love with open air parties , because I like to draw energies from the sunlight. Anyway it has been my third gig in the Netherlands and I can just say that this country never disappoints me!

What about the crowd?
A special crowd, colorful people, with a big smile in their faces and very good vibes everywhere.

Did you get to see any new and interesting artists?
All the artists I listened to were great, but I was impressed by Lövestad and Marcel Freigeist

What are some of your highlights so far this year?
This has been the year I played more in Europe the most and I had the pleasure to play in some wonderful clubs as Guendalina, Tinì, The Egg, Hive club. Another great thing of this year has been a collaboration that I’ve started as endorsement with Eko music Group, and it means a lot for me!

What are you looking forward to in 2016?
I hope to play more and more and always in new countries.

What can you tell us about your time in Berlin?
Berlin it’s for sure one of my favorite cities, but I am a girl from the south of Italy and I don’t really like its cold weather! Anyway I love the unique mood in the clubs, you can listen to good music everywhere! I also like the city because it is full of parks and I like international atmosphere. My favorite clubs are Katerblau and Sisyphos.

When are you going to be back in the Netherlands?
I hope soon! I am very excited because I’ve just started a collaboration with a new Dutch booking agency, Mother goose and I can’t wait to come back!

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