Technological enthusiast, Vincenzo, delivers us a space-age mix today. Having experienced a generation of of change and development in terms of musical progression, the producer showcases a contemporary take whilst maintaining original roots.

Today’s mix exudes care-free grooves combined with 80’s synths and a Hacienda feel. Vincenzo starts our weekend early with a soulful kickstart to his mix that soon escalates towards more up-beat tempos complemented by the perfect hi-hat kick and a tech-acid twist – ” I’m always curious and passionate about new music. But I’m also enthusiastic about rediscovering old material from my past”.

Hamburg born, Vincenzo developed a taste for music production back in the day with his brother Florian. The two grew up both excited and intrigued by the progressions in music production techniques. Although curious and welcoming to new equipment, Vincenzo can’t deny the incorporation of analogue synthesizers in his work. The focus on old school techniques really contribute to the raw and distorted sounds he produces.

Growing up in the metropolitan centre, the producer was soon immersed in the scene and getting his name out. In the mid 90’s he was introduced to Steve Bug by the label owner’s of Superstition. The two have been working side by side for over two decade’s now and are otherwise known to be tearing down the ceilings as Nu-Disco act The Discowboys.

Since the 90’s he has really been trying to create productions whilst retaining an individual and distinct sound. Vincenzo’s efforts have been globally accredited, achieving support by the likes of Sasha and Laurent Garnier as well as gaining releases on labels such as Best Works Records, Bedrock Records, and Winding Road Records.

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