Presiding over something of a mini empire, the time is surely now for the UK’s Monki.

With a BBC Radio show (Monday 1-4am GMT), her own party brand and a record label to her name, Monki is now a consistent force within the electronic music scene. Since her beginnings in the scene, she has worked her way up from an intern at Rinse FM to become an influential international selector, with gigs across Britain and beyond. Her sets can be heard everywhere from fabric and The Warehouse Project, to overseas adventures at festivals like Hideout, Snowbombing and Annie Mac’s Lost And Found.

A true music aficionado, Monki is a versatile, dedicated to her craft and genuinely passionate about music in all its forms, which comes through on this exclusive mix she has put together for us!

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Can you tell us how you approached constructing this mix?
Really loved digging around for the best tunes for this mix, its basically everything I’ve been listening to at the moment plus tracks that I’d want to hear if I was on the dance floor. It is essentially what you can expect to hear sound wise from me at any of my forthcoming gigs.

How do you approach constructing a mix vs. a live DJ set?
With a live DJ set you always have an idea of the tunes your gunna play, but also its fun to read the crowd and mix it up a little bit, everywhere you go the crowd is different so it’s great to improvise with some new music I’ve loved but not had a chance to play out yet.

Pre-recording a mix, you can really think about the structure and go on your own musical journey with your own selections, not having to think about the style of music the DJ before or after you is gunna play. It’s just you and your own favourite tunes.

When you were young, what mixes did you have on repeat?
Music was a big passion for all my family growing up so there was always loads of variety! My mum was into Chemical Brothers, 808 State, Prodigy, Blur…that sort of thing. My other uncle who I grew up with was into a lot of hip-hop and garage. So it was pretty broad the range of music that was at home.

How are you prepping yourself (mentally and physically) for the demands of the summer schedule?
I have a pretty balanced lifestyle to be honest as I have my R1 show I record weekly, and being a huge football fan I play in a league every Sunday – which I never miss, so keeping fit is something I make sure I keep on top of. That teamed with being able to travel and do what I love doesn’t really take that much mental preparation, I’m going to have a wicked summer and I can’t wait.

After the summer what sort of “wind down” procedure do you have?
Like I said earlier, I’m pretty good at balancing my work/play schedule! It’s important to have a good balance all the way through so the party doesn’t get on top of you. I’ll be discussing this actually at IMS next week for the Health Vs Hedonism talk with Pete Tong, as keeping fit and not getting too carried away has been something I’ve made sure I always stick to.

Any specific summer activities you are looking forward to? Traveling any places you haven’t yet?
Hideout is gunna be a big one – I’ve got three gigs out there that week with the likes of Paul Woolford, Basement Jaxx and Solardo – it’s gunna go off I reckon! Also Glastonbury as well just before Hideout Festival – I love the summer and being able to play at huge festivals like this, you always bump into loads of familiar faces you haven’t seen in ages and the atmosphere is always the one!


Steve Lawler – Take Me There
wAFF – Hanzz Sup
Monkey Safari – Motor
Sidney Charles – The Duke (Jesse Perez Remix)
System2 – Life Sentence
Robert Hood – Idea
Braiden – Hydroplane
Emanuel Satie – Soso
Play To Win (Martinez Brothers Edit)
? – Don’t Tell Me (Melé Edit)
Supernova – Get Hot
XXXY – On Da Run